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Smoke Detector

Service Provider of a wide range of services which include pre action fire sprinkler systems, gst intelligent smoke detector, fire alarm aspiration sensing technology and tyco red-e cabinet integrated preaction fire protection package.

Pre Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

Pre Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
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Service Details:

Standby Current10 Microampere
Alarm Current30 Microampere
Temperature Range-10- 50DegC
Alarm Density0.65- 1.55%FT
Alarm volume Distance85dB in 3-meter

Pre Action Fire Sprinkler Systems employ the basic concept of a dry pipe system in that water is not normally contained within the pipes. The difference, however, is that water is held from piping by an electrically operated valve, known as a pre-action valve. Valve operation is controlled by independent flame, heat, or smoke detection.
Two separate events must happen to initiate sprinkler discharge. First, the detection system must identify a developing fire and then open the pre-action valve. This allows water to flow into system piping, which effectively creates a wet pipe sprinkler system. Second, individual sprinkler heads must release to permit water flow onto the fire.
In some instances, the pre-action fire sprinkler system may be set up with a double interlock in which pressurized air or nitrogen is added to system piping. The purpose of this feature is two-fold: first to monitor piping for leaks and second to hold water from system piping in the event of inadvertent detector operation. The most common application for this system type is in freezer warehouses.
Advantages of using pre-action fire sprinkler systems include:

The dual action required for water release - The pre-action valve must operate and sprinkler heads must fuse. This feature provides an added level of protection against inadvertent discharge. For this reason, pre-action systems are frequently employed in water sensitive environments such as archival vaults, fine art storage rooms, rare book libraries and computer centers.

Disadvantages of using pre-action fire sprinkler systems include:

Higher installation and maintenance costs - Pre-action systems are more complex with several additional components, notably a fire detection system. This adds to the overall system cost.

Modification difficulties - As with dry-pipe systems, pre-action sprinkler systems have specific size limitations which may impact future system modifications. In addition, system modifications must incorporate changes to the fire detection and control system to ensure proper operation.

Potential decreased reliability - The higher level of complexity associated with pre-action systems creates an increased chance that something may not work when needed. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure reliability

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GST Intelligent Smoke Detector

GST Intelligent Smoke Detector
  • GST Intelligent Smoke Detector
  • GST Intelligent Smoke Detector
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Service Details:

Operating Voltage24Vdc Loop voltage
Relative Humidity95%
Operating temperature0 deg C to 37.8 deg C
VisionTwin LED for 360deg

GST Intelligent Smoke Detector is the ideal device for most application due to its excellent linear response to a wide variety of different type of smoke patterns. The unit meets the sensitivity requirement of UL 268 Standard for Smoke Detector for Fire Protective Signaling System Aesthetically pleasing with a low profile design, unobtrusive to complement modern building designs. The unit incorporates an intelligent processor that provides Algorithm map, Built-in A/D converter, Drift compensation, Self Diagnosis and history log. The integral microprocessor analysis the signal according to the factors such as signal strength and rate of increase, then confirms these pattern with the pre-programmed fire scenarios and smoke patterns for a faster and safer response. By intelligent analysis, the smoke detection sensitivity will be automatically adjusted according to temperature change, providing a rapid response. Secure and speedy communication through the onboard processor enables the detector to make its own decision, resulting in greater automation. The sensor and the panels utilized fuzzy logic providing an almost limitless cause and effect scenarios. Drift compensation, to monitor for the long-term changes caused by ageing, humidity, temperature, dust, etc. constant monitoring and self-adjusting, the I-9102 UL updates sensitivity baseline for its sensing element. Even when the detector raises a warning advising that it requires cleaning, the sensitivity remains the same as the day it was installed. Electronic addressing can be done through Handhold Programming device (P-9910B), purchased separately.

Features and Benefits:
Built-in 8 bit microprocessor
Algorithm maps for faster response and false alarm rejection
Analogue sensing
Secure and speedy communication
Intelligent Linear Drift compensation
Self-diagnosis and history log
Electronic addressing
Sensing chamber for an exceptional dust proof ability
Low profile design

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Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology

Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology
  • Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology
  • Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology
  • Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology
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Service Details:

Operating Temperature0 to 38 degC
Ip RatingIP30
external Supply Voltage18-30 VDC
Width13.0 inches (33 cm)
Depth5.0 inches (12.7 cm)
Cable Access4 1-inch (2.54 cm) cable entry holes on top and bottom of unit
Wire Gauge12 AWG (2.05 mm) max. to 24 AWG (0.5 mm) min.
Maximum Single pipe Length262 ft. (80 m)
Maximum Air inlet Holes40 holes
network outside pipe Diameter1.050 inches, IPS (25 mm)
internal pipe Diameter0.591 to 0.827 inches (15-21 mm)
Power Reset1 sec
Event Log18,000 events stored
communication networkEthernet monitoring, 6 E-mail address alerts
Shipping Weight8.5 lbs. (3.8 kg), includes packing material
Average operating current500 mA @ 24 VDC
Alarm650 mA
Sampled Air Temperature-20 to 60 degC
Humidity Range10 to 95%
Coverage Area8,000 sq. ft. (743 sq. m)
Air Movement0-4,000 ft./min. (0-1,219 m/min.)
Height13.25 inches (33.7 cm)


Precise Detection
• Dual source (blue LED and infra-red laser)
optical smoke detection with advanced
algorithms detect a wide range of fires
while maintaining enhanced immunity to
nuisance particulates
• Detection as precise as 0.00046 %/ft
• Five alarm levels and two sensitivity modes
provide application flexibility
• Dual flow detection including both ultrasonic
and electronic sensing for pipe and chamber
air flow measurement
• One device protects up to 8,000 sq. ft.
• Advanced detection algorithms reject
common nuisance conditions

Advanced Communications:
•   PipeIQ™ software provides intuitive
control over system layout, configuration,
and monitoring
•   Five alarm levels can be programmed for
latching or non-latching relays
•   Onboard Ethernet interface enables remote
monitoring and e-mail status updates to
computer or mobile devices
•   Fault indicators exhibit a broad spectrum
of events
•   Unique airflow pendulum graph verifies pipe
network functionality
•   The particulate graph displays subtle environmental
changes for early problem indications

Protect a facility and its high-value assets
such as tools, equipment, product and data
by catching a fire before there’s smoke!

FAAST provides facility managers and equipment owners with various levels of alert at the earliest stages of a fire, as early as 60 minutes before combustion. Your assets are protected from the damaging effects of the faintest traces of smoke, while precious time is made available for appropriate action by safety personnel. With this very early fire and smoke detection, you protect people and assets, maintain business continuity and ensure productivity.

FAAST also helps facilities run smarter and smoother. The FAAST
sensing technology is extremely sensitive, so it works precisely the way it was designed to, which ensures uptime. In Acclimate™ mode, the detector automatically adjusts itself to current environmental conditions, so you avoid nuisance alarms that can lead to costly downtime and unwarranted activation of suppression systems, which can damage sensitive machinery

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Tyco Red-E Cabinet Integrated Preaction Fire Protection Package

Tyco Red-E Cabinet Integrated Preaction Fire Protection Package
  • Tyco Red-E Cabinet Integrated Preaction Fire Protection Package
  • Tyco Red-E Cabinet Integrated Preaction Fire Protection Package
  • Tyco Red-E Cabinet Integrated Preaction Fire Protection Package
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Service Details:

Working Pressure20 to 250 psi
Voltage115 to 230 V
Frequency60 Hz
Minimum Ambient temperature4 degC


Tyco Red-E Cabinet Integrated Preaction Fire Protection Package is a pre-assembled fire protection valve package enclosed within a free-standing cabinet designed to occupy minimal floor space and to provide an aesthetically pleasing enclosure for a fire protection valve riser. The entire package is pre-wired and the water inlet and outlets to the valve riser are grooved to provide minimal installation time. The valve package includes the system (manual) shut-off control valve, automatic water control valve, and water flow/supervisory switches. A built-in air compressor with associated controls provides an automatic air supply for use as either supervision or automatic water control valve actuation. Integral to the DV-5 Red-E Cabinet is a control panel and backup batteries for providing electrical alarm, supervisory, and trouble functions. All switches within the cabinet are pre-wired to the control panel, making the electrical connections for power, detection circuits, and alarms the only remaining connections to complete the system. In addition to the control panel being integral to the DV-5 Red-E Cabinet, windows have been provided in the door for viewing the releasing panel functions and essential system pressure gauges. A lock for the control panel access door is standard, and a lock for the cabinet door is optional.

• aesthetically pleasing appearance
• professionally assembled
• internally wired
• custom manufactured
• all gauges and panel display are externally visible
• removable side panels for ease of maintenance
• furniture grade rollers (4) are standard at bottom of the cabinet

The Red-E Cabinet is constructed of 14 gauge steel and is free standing. The standard paint finish is bright red. The front door of the enclosure is fully hinged (and removable) and opens nearly to the cabinet floor level allowing easy access to the couplings when connecting the water supply and drain. The cabinet roof is a removable panel that allows access to the Compressor. Predrilled holes in the cabinet floor provide an anchor point for the cabinet to be secured to the floor when required. All four sides of the cabinet can be removed for ease of maintenance, and furniture grade rollers at the bottom of the cabinet are standard. Internal controls that provide functions to reset a system after operation (e.g., alarm test valve, main drain valve, etc.) are individually tagged for easy identification.
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